Cambridge School KR Puram - Kindergarten Graduation Day

Certain ceremonies are celebrated with a difference and one such ceremony is the Kindergarten Graduation where a tiny tot completes his tenure in the Kindergarten School and prepares himself / herself to step into a completely new world of Primary School.

The significance not only surrounds the child’s all round journey in his /her Kindergarten world, but also showcases the tireless efforts of the Kindergarten teachers in nurturing and grooming of these tiny tots. The celebration brings out the creative side of each multitalented kid and prepares them to shine bright and cheerful through the rhythm of songs and dances and various other programs in which they participate on that day.

This day serves as the platform for many kids to shed their inhibition and take the front stage to perform and make the parents proud.

Kindergarten Graduation is a celebration that marks the journey of a child to a school in which they will be spending 10 long years facing ups and downs and experimenting and exploring new ideas and things and shaping themselves into tomorrow’s leaders.


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