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What WeOffer You

Online Teaching-An Initiative

The Covid-19 pandemic has been posing various impediments on our path yet the resolute learners and the facilitators of Cambridge were not deterred by this and swiftly they transcended into a virtual world of learning. We are effectively using Microsoft TEAMS platform to cater to the needs of our students.

Structured Timetable keeping in mind the moderate screen time.

Online Assessments

Assignments and worksheets

Virtual Parent Teacher Meets

Co-curricular activities

Dance and Theatre

Sustainability Drive

The ethos that “Global Green sustainability will be the driving force changing the way we work and live in the 21st century”,So it is our responsibility to sensitise the young minds towards nature and its importance who will ultimately carve the future of this planet.With the ecological consciousness making his way globally, small gestures create an ”Environmentally just World”.Cambians are engaged in creative ways and innovative approaches in creating a sustainable society. SHARP is an in-house program where the students learn through practical demonstrations of simple yet most impactful ways of sustaining our Environment. Through this drive we srive to enhance the sense of moral purpose of its students in protecting the environment and sustaining its natural resources, the school takes multiple approaches to involve young minds in ecological projects in the course of their study.

Interactive and Digital Learning

Catering to the needs of a learner for a fun- loving and joyful learning experience, we offer an Innovative Packet of Interactive and Digi-Learning Aids

Modernized Reading Habits with Digital Library

Libraries have historically been called the house of writing and the only source of recorded information and resource way back then, But with the advancement in technology

School Clubs

 We believe that a number of life skills can be acquired from these various school clubs that the school offers to all its students.Cambrians are given the option to select their clubs and enrich themselves by learning something new here.


An added quality enhancement program incorporated for high school students (classes VIII, IX & X ) at Cambridge is the BASE foundation program. Through the said program we facilitate students to inculcate the qualities of being inquisitive, enquire and infer through self-motivated activities.


Pre Primary

Cambridge follows the EYFS curriculum at its PRE-Primary level as we have been constantly endeavouring to practice the teaching learning processes in alignment with the highly acclaimed theory of Multiple Intelligence of Howard Gardener.
Our multisensory approach to learning focuses on the development of varied skills of a child through a holistic approach. Our unique methodology ensures the enhancement of all the skills such as intra and interpersonal, visual, kinesthetic, linguistic, logical, naturalistic and musical through activity based teaching in our specially designed classrooms.

Middle School

We at Cambridge School help to create sensitivity and passion for work in children, which in turn would go a long way in giving them unlimited energy to fulfill their dreams. We prepare future citizens on whose shoulders lies the onus of respecting and protecting cultural, environmental and intellectual property of India. The Objective of an educational institution is to identify, develop and promote the innate qualities of an individual who will go on to become a useful and resposible citizen of the society.It has been our constant endeavour to carry on the noble task of nurturing young minds and helping them in their holistic development so as to enable them to become succesful citizens of this highly competitive world.

Primary School

We have a vision of building leaders of tomorrow on the foundations of academic excellence and service to society. The school seeks to enrich childhoods with knowledge, insight, innovation & transformation. We believe that each student is a unique personality who deserves to be treated fairly, respectfully and with understanding. The school seeks to provide every student with an opportunity to tap his/her potential and feel enthused to give the best through well planned curricular teaching, and absorbing extracurricular activities Learning is a tapestry of moments of discovery and joyful insights that is fostered by cooperative learning systems.

Secondary School

In the present era the students are growing with technology and in this fast pacing world, values are gradually deteriorating. we are committed to groom every child as a whole. Academic excellence and Discipline have always been the priority and the benchmark of Cambridge School. We ensure that each student gets personal attention to excel in academics as well as in bettering their overall personality.We want our students to step out into this world as perfect blend of knowledge,Discipline,Ethics and Humility so that they may indeed leave their footprints on the sands of time.


Latest News and Events


The School was established in 1964 and affiliated to the Council of the Indian School Certificate Examination Board in 1971. The institution started with only a handful of students and with the growing years the strength magnified and it became one of the reputed educational institutions of Bangalore.


  • “I see and feel a lot of pride, passion and performance in this Institution”.

    Mr. E. S. Chakravarthy
    Centre Head - TCS
  • “A wonderful experience interacting with your staff, students. Wishing several years of successful management and achievements”.

    Prof. Arpita Bnerjee
    E LT Consultant & Corporate Trainer, British Council, Kolkata Reader, Institute of English( Retd.)
  • “An excellent environment for children at Cambridge School. Immense of positivity and modesty. God bless these kids and they achieve all their aim and aspiration”.

    Anuj K Mishra
    Allen Career Institute Senior Faculty
  • “A wonderful ambience and in fact this is a place of excellence”.

    Dr. Kumar
    Principal Soundarya PU College
  • “Excellent environment for education”.

    Abdul Rashith
    D.D.P.U. South Bangalore
  • “Cambridge is an excellent school with a committed principal and galaxy of dedicated teachers. I wish them all the very best”.

    M. Hemalatha
    Senior Faculty ACT

Cambridge School is one of the Best ICSE Schools in Bangalore.