7 Easy Ways to Boost Your Child’s IQ

“It is not what you do for your children, but what you have taught them to do for themselves, that will make them successful human beings.” – Ann Landers

According to scientists, intelligence is an innate talent which we acquire from parents. However, certain studies have proven that it is possible to enhance your child’s intelligence and imagination. What are those factors that can help you boost the intelligence levels of children? Here are seven tips that you can use to build abilities such as memory, spatial, language, fine motor, math, thinking, creativity in your child. Read on to discover these proven ways.

  1. Read to them

Reading does wonders for a child’s brain. Next time when you read a book to your child, encourage them to read along with you. Go beyond the pictures and draw their attention to the words as you read. Research has shown that reading with your children can boost their IQ level and vocabulary from an early age.

  1. Learn by doing

Children retain information for longer when they learn by doing rather than watching. While reading to them, encourage them to narrate the story in their own words or help them write it. Introduce activities where they learn new things by doing.

  1. Introduce indoor learning games

Help your child get the most out of their recreational time by introducing games such as Scrabble and Chess that will challenge their memory and enhance their logical reasoning skills. Avoid battery-operated games and give them a chance to discover new things that will strengthen their creativity and intelligence.

  1. Ask them what they think

Children are curious and want to know as much as they can while growing up. Sometimes, rather than responding with an answer, question them: “What do you think?”. Help them become an independent thinker by guiding them through the question-answer process.

  1. Get crafty

Don’t let your child become an observer by watching too much of television. Keep some craft supplies handy such as colored paper, Play-Doh, brushes, paint colors, blunt scissors, glue, glitter, and encourage them to create something new. Indulging in such fun activities will help them enhance their imagination.

  1. Incorporate sports in daily routine

Studies confirm that sports or exercise help you learn faster while boosting your brain power. Therefore, motivate your child to participate in some sports activity at school. If they like to dance or take up gymnastics, encourage them to pursue their hobbies. You can also ride a bicycle with them and spend some quality time.

  1. Maintain a positive peer group

As per a research study, intelligence is 50% hereditary and 50% influenced by the surroundings. Make sure your child pick friends with utmost care and spend time with those students who strive for academic excellence. Remember that, your child’s peer group can affect their grades. Make a note of some factors for your child’s development such as living in a secure neighborhood, studying at a good school, and ensuring that your child is in a good company.

Every parent wants their child to be a creative and independent thinker. To boost your child’s intelligence levels and enhance their cognitive coordination, you need to emphasize activities that involve learning by doing rather than focusing on battery-operated toys and television. These seven significant tips will help you boost your child’s intelligence and creativity levels.



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