Middle School


The emergence of the middle school movement in the 1960s represented a milestone in the history of Human Development Discourse.

This movement recognized that young adolescents show dramatic changes that occur during this time of life requiring a radically different and unique approach to education. Middle school education has a profound impact upon the cognitive, social, and emotional lives of young teens. Middle School Curriculum is designed to be both interactive and individualised, embarked on a series of innovative and child-friendly courses like – Life Skill classes which aim at balancing the intelligence quotient and emotional quotient of the leaner; Writing Skill classes to enhance their drafting and editing skills; the comprehensive, descriptive and analytical Skills get a finer edge through regular monitoring..

Fun learning sessions where latent talent of drama, debate and other communication skills are explored. During these sessions a mentor relationship between teacher and student, the creation of small communities of learners, and the implementation of a flexible interdisciplinary curriculum encourages active and personalized learning.
To supplement these School organises a series of events like Story-Telling, Pick & Speak, Show & Tell, Verse Speaking, Quiz – Up, ‘Gramathon’ and many more.

  • The subjects offered are English (Language and Literature), Computer Science, Mathematics, History & Civics, Geography, Science, II and III Language, Value Education and Environmental Education
  • Offers individualized learning paths assuring coverage of middle school concepts and skills
  • Interactive curriculum throwing everyday challenges for the learner.
  • Emphasis is on making the students independent in their learning and expression.
  • The method of evaluation is through tests and examinations (as per the ICSE Board for that class).