Pre – Primary Education


We have set up four developmental objectives in the curriculum, frame work, namely “Physical development”, “Cognitive and Language development”, “Affective and Social development” and “Aesthetic development”.

These objectives are achieved through the following six learning areas:

  • Physical fitness and Health
  • Language
  • Science and Technology
  • Self and Society
  • Arts

Special emphases is laid in developing basic skills, building basic concepts and also helping the development of positive values and attitudes.

The three key elements namely:

  • Knowledge
  • Skills &
  • Attitudes

We prepare the children for a lifelong learning. Our curriculum provides the appropriate environment and opportunities to cultivate young minds and encourages them to realize their true potential. This is achieved through co-curricular activities like.

  • Drawing
  • Clay work
  • Singing
  • Games
  • Colouring
  • Craft work/origami
  • Dancing
  • Rhymes, Storytelling sessions and movement activities help the children learn basic skills.

To sum up, we believe in providing quality education to our Pre-Primary Cambrians through:

  • Observation and Assessment
  • Interaction and Communication through various activities.
  • Focus on developing the child’s sensory and motor skills.
  • Productive child centered activities.