Some of our outstanding alumni speak up :

Arjun Chandrasekhar :

(Alumni of Cambridge School, Batch of 2007. Presently working in a German Company, Bosch) “I am presently working in a German Company Bosch and I think my success is mainly due to the foundation laid by Cambridge School. The following opinion is my honest and heartfelt opinion about my dear alma mater. The school has a unique culture. What I like best about Cambridge School is that in this school whatever the person’s talent may be, whether they be a singer or dancer, his/her opinion is always heard. The teachers at this school are fabulous and they can be compared to the best teachers in Bangalore. As a person, I am not really hardworking, but the teachers taught to well that it was perhaps due to their teaching that I am successful. A big ‘Thank you’ to Cambridge School!”

Ashish Bharadwaj :

(Alumni of Cambridge School, Presently doing his B.Tech at N.I.T., Suratkal) “As a child, I used to wake up and would always like to learn something new. Cambridge School does this by nurturing the child’s mind and imparting new information every day. The Cambridge School’s infrastructure is just perfect, the laboratories are well maintained, and the atmosphere is just right for students to study in. The teachers were brilliant and answered all our doubts. The teachers helped in building our foundation which is useful for our future. The school’s teachers made us disciplined and helped us become organized. A big `Thank you’ to Cambridge School!”

Mazhar Shaikh :

(Alumni of Cambridge School, Batch of 2011, Presently doing his B.Tech from I.I.T., Chennai) “I would like to thank the teachers for all their support and love. Thanks to my teachers, we have developed leadership skills and can even face challenges. The teachers have made me a better person. Thank you for giving me an opportunity to express my views on my school and my teachers.”

Divya K :

(Alumni of Cambridge School, Batch of 2010, Presently studying in St. Joseph’s College of Commerce, Bangalore, Has secured the second rank in P.U.C.) “I started my journey with Cambridge School when I joined in Std. VI. My first experience of Cambridge School was amazing and I noticed that most of the students are very friendly. The teachers were wonderful and they were so thorough in their knowledge that the concepts they taught were never forgotten. Coming to sports, I was on the basketball and throwball teams, and the coaches were awesome. Yes, indeed, we had a wonderful time at school!”

Bharat Kumar N :

(Alumni of Cambridge School, Batch of 2011, Presently studying at National Institute of Technology, Suratkal) “Cambridge School has an excellent faculty who laid a strong foundation for us students. The teachers inspired us and encouraged a healthy competition. I still remember the Annual Day when prizes were distributed to the students. It is because of Cambridge School that I got the 2nd Rank in C.E.T. Medical and the 11th Rank in C.E.T. Engineering.”

Arjun Ram :

(Passed out of Cambridge School in the year 2010-2011 and presently doing his 2nd Year of Engineering Electronics and Communication at M.S. Ramaiah Institute of Technology). “It gives me immense pleasure to take a walk down memory lane as a Cambrian. Cambridge School, which is where I became moulded into a fairly successful individual today, enabled me to now study in one of the most prestigious institutions in Karnataka State, M.S. Ramaiah Institute of Technology. What I appreciate about Cambridge School is the everyday welcoming environment, and the teachers who instilled more than just knowledge but also a deep sense of fascination for the subject. I learnt a lot from the teachers, under whose dedication, were held the most exciting events at assembly and which is culminated in the wonderful Annual Day Celebrations.”