Beyond Books

Co-curriculars are an integral part of the school. Our school calendar is dotted with various events that help the students deal with the life outside the safe cocoon of the school. Group Discussions, Debates, Dramatics, Talk Shows, and Street Plays on various current issues, see active student participation.
Be it Sports, Oratory, Quiz or any performing art competition, our students have carved out a niche for themselves.
Yes – we are firmly and steadily climbing the rungs to success.
With a commitment to change and ensure that we are not static, Smart Classes were introduced in each class rooms.Using the most advanced audio, visual and in aesthetic learning techniques, Smart classes make learning efficient and effective

Co-Curricular & Extra Curricular activities

A Child’s bent of mind sometimes comes to the forefront through leisure activities and sports. Docility, aggressiveness, leadership, compassion, strength of mind, weakness of mind, reaction to failure, friendship and numerous other traits and facets of a child’s personality are revealed through participation in varieties of Co-curricular activities.
The school offers many activities appropriate to the student's age group. These activities help in the academic learning and develop an interest to pursue various skills and hobbies. Art, Music, Work Education, Sports, and Value Education are given an emphasis for holistic development of the students.

Art & Music in Education

The school provides a number of platforms to hone their skills of Art and Painting. Our Art and Craft teachers use new mediums and techniques to bring out the innate talent of the students. Four large halls are exclusively set aside as art and craft areas.
For Music and Dance teachers continuously strive to make each student appreciate the Indian Classical Vocal and Instrumental Music as well as dance. To meet the requirements of Gen-next School has a western music teacher too with school's own Western Band Group. A large area with spacious rooms is developed in the school for the same. Renowned artists visit the school and perform various forms of performing arts and music.

Opportunities for creative writing and the school publications

Children are encouraged to express their views through creative writing. Six issues of the School Newsletter 'The Trumpet' and an Annual Magazine 'Cambrian' are published during the academic session. Ample opportunity towrite is provided which is used for Inter House competitions as well.