Parent’s Section – Cambridge School, Bangalore

At Cambridge School , we are continuously exploring innovative ideas and latest technologies to bring to you and your ward, a fulfilling experience in education. We were among the first schools in India to computerize the school, end to end. It has been our endeavor to bring to you and your ward a fulfilling learning experience through our sharp focus on the three keys Knowledge, Imagination and Innovation.  Towards this end, we are happy to announce that Cambridge School has signed up for the Lyceum ERP Solution. All our work processes are being computerized, from office management to library. Lyceum automates and streamlines the entire educational institutional process and enables efficient student monitoring and tracking. is unique and futuristic in many ways. As a parent you can experience peace of mind and monitor your ward’s progress on an ongoing basis. Get to know the attendance, marks, fee payment status absolutely hassle free. You would be updated regularly on your ward’s progress and the initiatives taken by the school. has all the relevant information you need to get an overview of you ward’s progress at school and thereby be an effective partner with the school in your ward’s education.

Benefits for students: It enhances their learning experience and enables them to grasp knowledge faster. Students can track their own progress and strive to improve their performance as they have access to all their academic details and records.

Benefits for parents: Provides peace of mind as you can regularly monitor your ward’s progress, interact with teachers and have direct access to student performance records thru the years, attendance and marks records, online. Also save time by paying for fees and school related purchases online thru a single point of contact.

SMS Facility: Now the school is introducing the SMS feature that allows the Parents to receive an SMS alert regarding important events like school closures or change of timings etc.

You can use the user id and the password given therein to access the above services. Though it has the instructions on how to use it, we can also provide free training to parents at school during the afternoon.

We invite you to join hands with us in enriching the learning experience of our children and help create citizens who are future-ready and equipped with the necessary skills, knowledge and attitude to succeed in the Knowledge Age.