Importance of Extracurricular Activities in a Student’s Life

It is rightly said, “All work and no play, makes Jack a dull boy”, which conveys that there should always be a balance of academics and extra-curricular activities in school. Education is certainly important because it teaches us how to evolve culturally but at the same time, holistic development for students in their formative years is extremely crucial. Any activity which can be taken up by students along with their academics, such as dance, music, sports, drama and any other activity that interests them. Below is a list of reasons which will help you understand why extracurricular activities are important in a student’s life:

Personality Development

These activities prepare students to be able to face the hurdles in the future. The experience gained through these activities proves to be a valuable lesson for children to face various obstructions in life with more courage.

Improved Self-Confidence

Extra-curricular activities are aimed to improve the fitness of students, be it mental or physical. These activities enable students to understand concepts such as team-spirit and sportsmanship. The extra-curricular activities encourage students to be good at something they are passionate about. By spending time on something of interest, they learn to feel more confident about themselves.

Enhanced Skills

Pursued as hobbies, these activities will be more like additional skills for them. Whether it is painting, football, dance or table-tennis, they will learn to excel at these activities. Schools organize various competitions testing the skills of students in which they have shown interest. The healthy competitive feeling seeing among students enables to have a more positive outlook in life.

Better Opportunities

In this competitive era, extra-curricular activities provide students an advantage in admissions too. A student who participates in such activities is given preference for admission in colleges to those who are not. This makes a huge impact on the self-worth of students.

Improved Academic Performance

Studies have often shown that those students who invested their time in certain hobbies performed better in academics. The extra-curricular activities balance out the academic pressure that might crop up at times.


For any hobbies, students will be given some ownership for their cricket kit, if they are interested in cricket or paint colors, if they are inclined towards painting. This ownership helps them become more efficient in taking care of their things, and hence, have a better sense of responsibility.

There have been several studies done on finding the potential benefits of extra-curricular activities introduced in schools. All of these studies have yielded results in a positive direction about how students become more talented, patient, smart, efficient and responsible when they get opportunities to spend time on something of their interest. The extra-curricular activities reduce the stress for students and take their minds off of any pressure that they might be experiencing. This also helps students to perform better and therefore, have improved academic results. With a higher self-esteem, such students also have a sense of belonging for their school which is very crucial in having healthy relationships and a healthy lifestyle later in life.

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