Importance of Positive Student-Teacher Relationships

A healthy and positive relationship between students and teachers plays a significant role in the
academic and social development of a child. Students not only feel safer and comfortable in a classroom
environment but participates actively in class and strives for academic success. A student would
definitely perform better in class if a teacher recognizes and values their talent. Developing a positive
relationship with a student leaves an enormous impact on student’s life beyond the classroom
environment. There are endless benefits of a positive student-teacher relationship including improved
confidence level and self-esteem with enhanced engagement. Let us discuss some more benefits in

Develop Student Self-Worth
Teachers should never miss a chance to praise students with compliments on their academic, co-
curricular or even athletic accomplishments. Acknowledging their achievements not only helps in
developing self-worth but also provides them with a sense of pride. Students with low confidence and
self-esteem will respond positively to the acknowledgment of merit from their teacher.

Promote Academic Success
Students who have established a positive and strong student-teacher bond perform better academically.
When teachers encourage students to participate in class discussions, provide them opportunities to
showcase their talent, believe in their ability to perform and succeed, and express positive expectations
for them, they help in promoting their academic success.

Avoid Behavior Challenges
Teachers can organize simple getting-to-know games to build a rapport with students when they share
about their personal lives, allowing students to feel comfortable and relaxed. A learning classroom
environment where teachers and students mutually respect each other can be easily created with the
positive student-teacher relationship. This balance can be achieved if teachers while addressing
inappropriate behavior maintain a calm demeanor or communicate with students in private to
understand the cause behind the misbehavior.

Assist Teachers with Professional Growth
While teachers work consistently to develop a positive relationship with students, they also improve
their teaching and interpersonal skills. Interacting with students on a daily basis helps them acquire the
ability to communicate with them and understand their problems during stressful situations. Teachers
always try to find out ways to manage stress and avoid behavior challenges. As teachers strategize to
build these positive relationships, they grow personally and professionally which can be observed in a
teacher’s way of communicating with students.

Build Prosocial Behavior
Research has confirmed that a positive student-teacher relationship develops prosocial behaviors in
children such as altruism and cooperation while reducing classroom misbehaviors including aggression
and frustration. As teachers play a significant role in the development of children, students become
more prosocial and less argumentative when they feel supported by their teachers.

Create Thriving Classrooms
There are many important advantages of a positive student-teacher relationship with student
engagement being one of them. When teachers communicate effectively in a class, students feel
motivated to participate in discussions and thus, engagement occurs. When teachers and students focus
on education and avoid disturbances, both of them can thrive in such a positive environment.
Teachers in all grade levels should be well-aware about the advantages of developing positive teacher-
student relationships. We, at Cambridge School, with our experienced teachers are committed to
providing the excellent educational learning environment for all the students.