Interactive and Digital Learning


  • Catering to the needs of a learner for a fun- loving and joyful learning experience, we offer an Innovative Packet of Interactive and Digi-Learning Aids


  • Learning at Cambridge becomes innovative and progressive with a balanced communication and interaction between a teacher and a student. Students are allowed to express to their own views and opinions related to the concerned subject.


  • We offer a platform for the students to enhance their oratory and auditory skills through constant participation in classroom seminars, paper presentations, one to one discussions and many more such interactive methods.
  • Exposure to various classroom interactive activities are encouraged through peer interaction, group discussion, solo presentations, debates, extempore and many such interactive activities that enhance the Academic Skills, Social Interactive Skills, Kinesthetic Skills and Multiple Intelligence Skills


  • Development of child’s technical skills with the help of modern learning devices such as Smart Boards and Computerized Programmes like Mindspark, Interactive Sessions through animations,

3D interactivity, videos and multimedia objects have been designed and crafted keeping in mind

the overall holistic development of the Cambrian.