Primary School Curriculum

Primary school curriculum is planned with focus on all the developmental areas. The curriculum is designed to be transdisciplinary. This helps the students to correlate the learning to the real world creating relevance to the learning process in school. Focus is also on developing the skill of self-study, which is essential for middle school, preparing them for high school.


Language development is a continuous process happening across all the subject classes. Participation in the classroom discussions is a very important tool for language development and it is highly encouraged during teaching – learning process. Learning is enabled through guided reading program, show & tell, drama, poetry & storytelling, writing of short stories, essays, debate etc.,


  • The subjects offered are English (Language and Literature), Mathematics, Social Studies, II Language, Value Education, Computer Science and General Science.
  • Monthly assessments and regular monitoring of the child’s progress.
  • Encouraging reading habits through weekly reading classes.
  • Upgrading the child’s skills with the help of the latest modern learning devices such as Smart Boards, etc.
  • Activity based education with simple worksheets and short oral tests.
  • The evaluation is done by giving the students marks and percentages, although in some subjects, grades are given.